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Book Review: “Taming Chronic Pain” by Amy Orr

Developing a positive therapeutic working relationship between a health provider and a person experiencing an invisible problem, such as chronic pain, can be a challenging task.

Regardless of diagnostic tests and assessments, the only REAL scientific evidence may be images we can see on an fMRI. But the majority of our patients will not have had this test.

Therefore, it remains essential to develop a trusting relationship between provider and patient – one based on obtaining a good history and also listening and better understanding our patients’ concerns.

After an eclectic work history in science and finance, Amy Orr has focused on being a writer and editor. Amy is also a person who has experienced chronic pain for most of her life. Her new book is called “Taming Chronic Pain.”

Amy’s history of pain started when she was younger than 10 years old and diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Over time, she was diagnosed with several other chronic health conditions.

Even at a young age, Amy never questioned her diagnosis but dealt with symptoms as best she could.

As a mature person now, she can verbalize what she has learned about herself, and can provide insight and helpful information to others.

Her 127-page book covers many topics, categorized in her own unique way for people to better understand and learn what they can do to live better with a chronic pain condition.

Validating WHAT you are feeling may not always explain WHY you are feeling that way, but reading what an experienced writer and person in pain is feeling can ensure that no one feels they are alone.

Growing up at a time when pain management was in its infancy — poorly understood and even more poorly managed — Amy has been able to develop a thesis to help others weathering this very challenging problem.

Understanding lifestyle triggers and changing behavior appropriately are considered the keys to success when dealing with any medical condition.

Learning how to respond to symptoms may at times seem challenging for both the person experiencing the problem as well as the people around them.

Amy has provided an insightful look into the mind and brain of the person with a chronic and yet invisible pain problem. By trial and error, and through years of hard work, she has developed her emotional and physical boundaries, which provide an example to others who may be experiencing similar symptoms.

‘Taming Chronic Pain” is an important read for people experiencing pain — no matter what the cause.

This book is also essential reading for a front-line health provider (physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or other) who needs to better understand what their patient is experiencing without making judgement statements.

Taming Chronic Pain: A Management Guide for a More Enjoyable Life is available

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