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How Can We Better Explain The Word “Pain”?

It may feel like an ‘ouch’, but maybe it is another sensation we do not know how to describe, so we call it ‘pain’.

In the eBook, the symbol of a red dot, with circles around it is used instead of the word PAIN and means pain/symptom (any feeling you do not like).

Only you can tell…

Maybe your pain/symptoms started after an accident or injury?
Maybe it accompanied a medical disorder or disease?
Maybe you notice it when you are feeling anxious or stressed?

Whatever the reason, no one feels your pain the way you do and your path forward will be just as unique.

There may be other ‘clues’ that pain/symptoms are impacting your life:

  • You realize that you have stopped participating in activities you used to enjoy – walking, swimming, going out with friends.
  • You are not sleeping well and often wake because you are uncomfortable.
  • Relationships with your spouse/partner have changed; you are not interested in sexual activities.
  • Relationships with your friends, family and even your family doctor have taken a change for the worse.
  • You wonder if you have a dangerous disease that no one has yet diagnosed.
  • You have tried ‘everything’ to get better but nothing is helping.
  • You feel that every aspect of your life is ‘out of control’.

Don’t Go To The OUCH! was written to help you navigate the types and sources of pain that you may be experiencing, and to explore many of the resources available to you to better manage and live with your individual problem in a more positive way.

Knowledge may be your most important tool for living better.

Learn from Gloria’s years of experience in treating and counselling people about their pain problems.

Develop your own pathway to better health by integrating your unique ‘ammunition’ (tools).

What is Pain?
Reframing the Problem

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