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“Something’s wrong, and it’s not getting better.”

Aching joints & muscles, persistent discomfort, anxiety, fatigue, emotional distress… Are these chronic ‘problems’ keeping you from living life to its fullest?

Learn ways of helping yourself by integrating new tools into your daily activity.

Gloria Gilbert is an experienced physiotherapist and educator. She has helped thousands of people better understand the “what and how” they are feeling about their symptoms, so they can do something about them.

Understand the pain you are in

Your pain may have a physical or emotional cause, or be constant or transient, but one thing is certain – no one experiences your pain the same way you do. Gloria’s new book Don’t Go To The OUCH! will help you learn to better understand your ‘annoying sensations’ and how to start planning to get the most out of living.

Learn what makes your pain so unique!

You aren’t alone!

Everyone’s story, and everyone’s pain is different. But listening to other peoples’ stories may provide some clues and insights that you can use as well.

Meet some of the real people Gloria has helped in her own practice.

“Don’t Go To The OUCH!”

Don’t let pain or other annoying sensations control your life. Gloria’s years of clinical experience can help you learn to take back control by exploring the wide range of therapies, tools and supports that can let you live your life more productively.

This book provides practical actionable guides showing you how to make the changes you need:

  • Change in how you think about your pain problem
  • Change in how you see yourself and your role within your family, with friends and with co-workers
  • Change in how you do activities

Make a change for the better… Download the eBook…

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